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Yeah. This are all DIFFERENT MEMES!

1. YOUR SPY NAME (middle name and current street name):

Jayne Cannons Mill Lane [....xD That fails at life! xDD]

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME (grandfather/mother on your dad's side and your favourite candy):

Jenny Terry

3. YOUR RAP NAME (first initial of first name and first three or four letters of your last name):

E. A. Rk {Emma Arkwright. Simple xD]

4. YOUR GAMER TAG (a favourite colour, a favourite animal):

Black Wolf [I Like that one]

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, and city you were born in):

Jayne London

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (first three letters of your last name, last three letters of mother's maiden name, first three letters of your pet's name):

Arkforkit [Arkwright, Fogarty, Kitty Cat xD Yeah. I was 3!!! Leave me alone -3-]

7. JEDI NAME (middle name spelled backwards, your mom's maiden name spelled backwards):

Enyaj Ytragog

8. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favourite colour and the automobile your mom drives):

The Black..My mom dun't drive xD

9. YOUR ACTION HERO NAME (first name of the main character in the last film you watched, last food you ate):

Harry Pancake [xDD I watched Harry Potter! xD]


Name all 10 of your OCs:
1) Mai Cross
2) Luke Hendry
3) Sam Wilkins
4) Aoi
5) Alex Boswell [xD]
6) Georgia Mills
7) Ami Smith
8) George Hogan
9) Charlie Bowes
10) Luka Cross

Who is...

1. Your loudest character?
Loudest? Charlie. She tends to not be able to speak in normal tones.

2. Your shyest?

Aoi, or Luka. They're both extremely shy ^-^

3. Your angriest?

Mai. She gets angry at almost nothing.

4. Your horniest?

.....No comment. Well, Actually, I GUESS you could say Ami. She's pretty much a slut, always flirting and wearing Lady GaGa-like outfits.

5. Your poorest?


6. Your richest?


7. Your craziest?

Charlie Bowes. She is as crazy as...I just is! Trust me.

8. Your weirdest?

Wierdest? Billy Boswell. I just created him for the lols really xD

Billy: TT_TT

Who was...

1. Your first character?

Mai Cross. I've had her for YEARS

2. Your most recent character?

Georgia Mills

List three of your characters, and three traits they each possess.

Luka - Shy, quiet, kind
Mai - Loud, Smartass, Tomboyish
Alex - Annoying, smart, loud

Out of all your characters, who is most like you?

Most like me? Well....I'm a mix between Mai and Luka. Those two were created  as my two split personalities. Mai's my bad side, Luka's my good side...kinda xD

Do any of your characters have pairings? If so, then list one or two songs each for three pairings.

Well...Only one couple xD

Ami x Luke

Their song would be Love Game by Lady GaGa. Trust me....It's perfect for them...Well, any relationship with Ami really xDD


The Rules
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 15 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag some people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1. I'm Scared of Elevators, Airplanes and Trains :blush:

2. I'm used to getting dragged around in the mud by a horse.

3. I've dyed my hair 3 times--Pink, Red, Black

4. I enjoy singing...Just...Not around people ^^;

5. I am UBER lazy!!!

6. I'm usually the peace maker at school. Unless it's my fight. Then I tend to scare everyone off.

7. My drawing folder is one of my most precious items

8. Ima Gamer Girl, and a tomboy!

9. I have a fear of birds [Like my sister's bird. I didn't hold him at first, I was scared he'd "Eat Me" xD]

10. I waste my life on dA. It's a sad, sad addiction xD

11. I would not take a bullet for any of my friends xD I'd be like "Well, Nice knowing ya hunni" xDD Actually, it depends how close we are.

12. I hang out with nerds, freaks and misfits. And i'm proud of it!!

13. I once managed to download random hentai onto the school system without knowing. Now hentai pops up randomly if we use the school computers ^^;

14. I have MASSIVE low asteem problems.

15. I used to have a fear of boys

OKAY! Now I tag :icontheoriginalfangirl:, :iconchiyokohana93:, :iconkibastalker:,
:iconjamieblackwolf:, :iconghiblifreek: and :icondevilgirl10: to do ONE of these memes!

[Haha, TheOriginalFangirl. Told ya i'd get my revenge :3]
  • Listening to: Love Game - Lady GaGa
  • Reading: Death Note
  • Watching: Computer Screen
  • Playing: Okami
  • Eating: Pancakes!
  • Drinking: Lemonade
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chiyokohana93 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
ok ok i ll try it :D its funnyyyy xD
Inu-Hinata Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
TheOriginalFangirl Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010  Student General Artist
YES! My evil plan totally worked! I tricked you into thinking you needed revenge so I could do a journal challenge/meme and tag random ppl! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!:evillaugh:
Inu-Hinata Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
Eh? *Blank face*

You had an evil plan? Tch...I fell for it xD

Well. Now I know NOT to be so gullible xD
TheOriginalFangirl Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010  Student General Artist
Heehee....*evil grin* Yup, I love memes and being tagged. ^^
Inu-Hinata Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
lol. I do them for fun ^-^

I find them on Google xDD
TheOriginalFangirl Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010  Student General Artist
I love them, they're so fun!
Inu-Hinata Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
They're fun when your not tagged every time a friend does one xD
TheOriginalFangirl Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010  Student General Artist
I don't mind that. I guess because you're the only one who tags me ^^;
Inu-Hinata Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
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